Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creole classes: A annot soleiy

Hi all ! Here are the impressions of the group for our third complete day in Martinique. I (Jean-Marie) am reporting about this day so please forgive me for my mistakes or my lack of idioms etc. Hahahaha!
Ryan : Enjoyed the discussion we had with a group of English learners from the local University. She likes the fact that the Colgate group asked for it the day before and that we could plan such an interaction with Martiniquais the day right after the request. On the other hand, she says she could not really focus during the 2 Creole classes we had today.
Elize: Appreciated to see the students interacting with the local students during lunch time at the cafeteria. Her low point was that her roommate (Tennille) did not feel well during the day.
Ashlee: Had no word to say how she really enjoyed the creole lessons of the day and for that, she doesn’t have any low point to report. Moreover, before the bus arrived she appreciated the fact that students involved in the associations of the Universities taught us how to dance local dances.
Spencer: Said that his ‘high point’ for the day was the fight with saw on a parking lot between a boy and a girl who apparently were breaking up… Our bus literally turned into an audience watching a movie.  His ‘low point’ for the day is that he realizes how hard it is to go and interact with local students because he is shy but on the other hand he said that “Chris did a really good job” in interacting with students.
Sean: ‘High point’ the dinner at a local creole restaurant… His ‘low point’, walking after dinner with the food on his stomach! Hahahahaha!
Félix: Really appreciated the girls we met during the discussion between the Colgate group and the local English learners. He also said that helping a group of visually impaired during the breakfast  @ the cafeteria.
Josh: Joins the others when it comes to thinking about his ‘high point’ and can’t really think of any ‘low point’.
Chris: Has so much to tell… He really liked the interaction with the students especially because he says that he ii rather shy but he could cope with it so he feels quite happy with that. His low point : he got his first mosquito bite.
Joann:  Just like the others… interacting with local students was her ‘high point’!
Leah:  Joins the others for her ‘high point’ and adds that she really appreciated the compliments we got from all the professors we worked with via Monsieur Morello, the man who organized all the classes and activities for us during our trip : “This is one of the first times that all the professors who already worked with American students say that there was such a positive energy and enthusiasm from the students […]” Her ‘low point’ on the other hand is that she felt that it was hard for her to interact with students.
Jean-Marie: That’s me so I’ll write with ‘I’… I loooooove the group we are and my ‘high point’ of the day is that I cannot think of any ‘low point’ at all!