Sunday, March 27, 2011

Martinique Images and Videos

Cultural Center in Fort de France

Anthropology Museum in Fort de France

Local market in downtown Fort de France

Display of local produce

Professor Ramakrishnan and French intern Jean-Marie at the market

Entrance to the market

Authentic Creole lunch by the beach

Theater of St. Pierre destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Pelee in 1902

The ominous volcanic Mt. Pelee

Chaperone Elise and Proffesor Francois at the monument remembering the capsized slave boat the coast of Martinique that killed many slaves who were unable to escape because they were chained.

Students enjoying their Martiniquaise dance workshop.

Learning to dance to Zouk music with a local dance instructor.

Aerial view of the island of Martinique.

Sumptuous breakfast at the hostel.
Colorful spread of breakfast items.

Breakfast seating on the terrace.

Schoelcher University campus square

Entrance to the campus

Downtown Fort de France

Cannot get away from Mickey D, even in the Antilles!

French flag flying over the fort that gave the capital of Martinique its name, Fort de France.

Napoleon's wife Josephine with her head cut off. The story goes that she helped reestablish slavery in Martinique, and was despised by the locals.

Fort de France public library

Ceiling inside the library

Interior of library


Proffesor Ramakrishnan passing off as a Martiniquaise

Sean gives it a try!

Handmade jewelry in Fort de France

Fort de France bay

More of Mt. Pelee's destruction

Chaperones Tennille, Elise, and Jean-Marie bringing the destroyed theater back to life 

Dungeon where the sole survivor of the 30,000 that perished in Mt. Pelee's eruption was found.

Local alley in St. Pierre.

Street named after Mt. Pelee's eruption: Hell Street

Cascades in the tropical rain forests in Northern Martinique.

Grounds where the film "Sugar Cane Alley" was shot.

Place where the author of the book "Sugar Cane Alley",  Joseph Zobel, lived.

Diamond Rock, representing the struggle between the British and the French to claim Martinique.

The protected ecosystem of Martinique's mangroves.

Students relaxing at a cafe by the seashore on the Southern part of Martinique.

Aerial view of downtown Fort de France.

Our history proffesor, Marie-France, and our bus driver, Paul.

Centre International de Sejour Martinique, our hostel.
Ashlee, Spencer, and French intern Jean-Marie