Thursday, March 17, 2011

Une Excursion Dans le Nord

Today was packed! We fit at least three days worth of site seeing into 12 hours. Marie-France from Schoelcher Universite met up with us at the hostel and immediately whisked us into the city of Fort-de-France where we did a walking tour of downtown. We shopped at the souvenir market and the food market where the students bought spices and knick-knacks to bring back to the States. Jean-Marie helped us barter with the vendors. So as to stay consistent with our lessons from yesterday, we went to the Ecology museum where we learned about the various plants of the island and the lives of the slaves on the Caribbean plantations. The National Library was gorgeous. The interior was decorated with the names of the most famous French authors including Hugo, Diderot, among others. From the city we headed into the northern country to a restaurant where we finally were able to try an authentic Martinique meal of fried cod with salad, grilled fish with salsa, rice and vegetables and fruit with cinnamon. Tres Delicioux!! Then came the moment that all of us had been waiting for… LA PLAGE! The students spent their hour and a half having swimming contests in the water, laughing and enjoying the sun. The sand was black from the residue from the Volcano. After drying off, we squished over to the Volcano museum where we learned about the horrors of the Volcanic eruptions of 1902: 30,000 people were killed by the eruption and only one survived, and he became famous for his burns by displaying them in the circus. The photos and artifacts from the eruption were disturbing. The town is still very clearly affected by the disaster. We also visited the prison site where the lone survivor was found. The ruins were beautiful, but had an ominous aura.


Chris- today was 70 and nice and cool. But with the accident of or tour guide the temperature went down to 20’s but warmed up again with eating the sugar cane and was cozy as the rain started on the way home.

Leah- today’s low point was when the guide cut her finger getting us sugar cane. The High was being able to enjoy a good meal together at lunch

Ryan- Today’s low was being paranoid from being around an active volcano as we were swimming. My high was being able to order bread and water in French over lunch and being in the water. I tried something new today with the fish we had. I didn’t like it but I stepped out of my comfort zone and ate it even though I didn’t like it

Joanna- the volcano ruins was great and seeing the prison where the lone survivor of 30,000 people who died in 1902 during the volcano eruption was made safe in his prison. My low was being tired from being out all day.

Spencer- the water falls were cool to see.

Felix- everything today was great. There was much more variety than I though it would be. It was great to see just going 10 or 20 mins away we experienced a climate change.

Josh- The high point was the beach and the waterfalls. Loved the being in the tropical rain forest atmosphere. My low point was feeling like an uber tourist and at some point I would like to go to a place like this and know my way around.

Ashlee- a low point was driving the bus through a winding rainy mountain. The high point was the sites that we visited today.

Lorva – Today was a great day

Jean- Marie- Today was a good day and the clean air was very comfortable and fluid. Yesterday and today was a perfect link. Yesterday we learned all about geography and history and today we got to see it> I have no low points I am enjoying this group and this trip

Sean- it was like partial clouds but the sun still came through. Today was not high and low points> it kind of flat lined. It was nice and pleasant

Devi- a low point was when I thought the tour guide was going to pass out. But I was glad she was okay and sit up and smiled. A high point was to see all the students have a blast in the water and having a good time and learn at the same time.

We are all burnt out, ready for bed, and ready for class tomorrow! We will have some Creole phrases for you by this time tomorrow.

Bon Soir!